A review of 2019

A new year, and a new decade.  How exciting. They’re calling it the Roaring 20’s …. lets hope its kind to us all.

So, what was 2019 like for you? I hope it was a good one.  For us it sure was full on! So here are a few of the highlights and events that have happened to us here at the Little House, and also a glimpse of our plans for 2020.

We started the year with Sharps installing new wardrobes, which I will say, although expensive, for us it was certainly one of the best investments.  In a little house, every inch of space counts

IMG_3785Hubby got baptised at the start of the year, and what a wonderful day it was. It was preformed at our church, Holy Trinity, and in front of all our congregation. It couldn’t have been more perfect.

IMG_3840Also last year, both Hubby and I put our names in for election. Hubby for a councillor in the borough of Swale and myself for town council.  No one was more shocked than I for us both to be elected.

I also decided that my creativity had been missing in the year, so I signed up and became a Stampin’ Up representative.  Which in turn started me doing coffee and card groups at our community centre and a local coffee shop. This also opened up for me a chance to make more friends and go to creative groups, which since the move, I’ve really missed.

The bears are still continuing to make us laugh and fill our lives with love and frustration. Our plan is to look for another trainer this year, but they have so much character and give us unconditional love. We met up with more doggie friends on our annual Brighton walk, but this time the bears also met up with their other “Mum & Dad”; aka Tilly and Teddy


Molly is on left of this photo (looking down), Bertie next and he is standing next to Teddy, and Tilly is looking away.

I also took some cake decorating courses and I’ve loved them so much, that I have a few already booked in for this year.

But by far, the biggest news of the year, and something that will certainly be dominating future years, is our new venture.

Let me introduce to you, Bosuns.  After something like 19 weeks, this derelict shop and flat finally became ours. Its literally around the corner to us and has been empty for must be over 15 years. Our plan is to turn it into a tea room and gift shop, with an air B&B above it. It needs a lot of TLC, and as we are in a conservation area and with the added fact that its a Grade II listed building (built in 1731), its certainly going to take a lot of time and care to bring it back to life, but I’m looking forward to taking you on the journey.

So there you have it, a round up of 2019. I’ll admit I wasn’t a good blogger, and actually I wasn’t very good on a lot of social media sites, but I do hope that in 2020 I’ll be better.




2 thoughts on “A review of 2019

  1. What a fabulous year Sandra! Ian is now on our local town council…an eye opener isn’t it? I think your little shop looks absolutely perfect and you’re both certainly the right people to bring it to life with your artistic flair. Good luck and I can’t wait to see and hear how its all going, lol Gilly xx


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