Little Beach Hut Happiness

On a previous post, I wrote about our lovely little beach hut (you can read it HERE), and how it was just meant to be. Well that first year we never really got to enjoy it as much as we had hoped, yes I did start painting it but never quite used it as much as we’d have liked.  You know what it’s like? Life just gets in the way sometimes. So this year, we decided enough was enough, and have certainly made use of the time we’ve spent there. We’ve sheltered from rain; celebrated friends birthdays in it; as well as enjoyed Fish n Chip suppers, and even just sat and watched beautiful sunsets.

So let me share with you, how it now looks.

We found some letter press blocks, which Simon mounted on a piece of driftwood. They now hang proudly over the door.

Bunting has been hung, a little sink installed, and of course fairy lights adorn around the walls. I’ve still a few finishing touches. A cushion cover to make for the little bench seat, and a curtain for the door, and then, voila, its done.

As you can see, we all love it, but then again, what’s not to love.  The kettle is usually on, a tin of chocolates sit on the table; its our home away from home.

6 thoughts on “Little Beach Hut Happiness

  1. What a pretty space to idle away an afternoon or two! I love the colour you chose for the exterior and it looks so pretty inside. I’m always envious of beach hut owners when we go to the coast!


    • You have to stick to a small handful of colours for the exterior. Its so that they all look pretty in a line. We love spending time there, in fact tonight we’re their meeting up with some of the other beach hut users for a b-b-q xx


  2. How exquisite you’ve made it! …to sit and relax with the sound of waves in the background…I really can’t think of anything I like better. You’ve certainly got a little piece of heaven right there, I love it. 😊 Gx


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