Sharps Wardrobes

At the beginning of the year, we made a list of the projects for the little house that we would like to get done, or at least start on, and wardrobes were top of the list.

As you know, our house is “Little” and our bedroom is a bit of a problem for storage. When we moved in we could only get children sized wardrobes to fit into our alcoves, which although seemed ok at the start really were a bit of a mistake.  Everything was squished in and some hangers didn’t quite fit.  I had no space for shoes or bags, so everything got put in the draws under our bed. Which really wasn’t adequate.  I also felt that each time I ironed something and put it in the wardrobe, I had to re iron it before I wore them.

After looking around, we decided to ask Sharps to come in and look at what we needed.  I really had no idea on what to expect, but we had a designer look at what space we had, and what would be the best way to utilise that space.  He drew up a plan and we “tweaked” it together. Next a surveyor came in and measured up exactly.  Our home is less than square, to say the least.  A few days later we received a date to say when everything would be delivered as well as a start date; it was all systems go from then on.

We had two fitters working on our units, I think mainly as everything had to be stored in our garage, and cutting had to be done there too.

Now to say the fitters were amazing, is an understatement. They arrived early, and set to work straight away, and never took a break. They were fabulous. Very clean workers too.  As you can see, we went for the Shaker collection, in Stone; I feel its neutral enough to go with most decor, as lets face it, I’m bound to decorate the bedroom before long.



long hanging for dresses etc and shelving


double rail (low for short me)



Glamour unit, comes complete with lighting and a plug for hairdryer

The angled cupboard on the edge, was meant to have a door, but we felt it might be a little too restrictive, so asked them to leave it off.  I’m pleased we did, as I feel it works better.

All in all, it took 3 days and I can’t tell you how happy I am with them. I still have a lot of faffing to do, as I just put things in, but now I need to get my Marie Kondo head on and declutter. One things for sure, these wardrobes sure do spark joy,

4 thoughts on “Sharps Wardrobes

  1. I think you’ve chosen well – they will co ordinate with many a bedroom makeover. Have fun deciding what ‘sparks joy’ and folding it properly 😉


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