New Toaster

Out of the blue the other day, I received an email from Russell Hobbs asking if I’d like to try out one their appliances and show it on my Instagram page.  To say I was gobsmacked and over the moon, is an understatement.

We were given a choice of which we’d like, Kettle, or toaster and it just so happened that we actually were looking for a new toaster! Sometimes things come at the right time, don’t they?  We chose the 2 slot toaster (but it does come as a 4)


As you know we do have an Aga, which normally does toast beautifully but I must admit, it doesn’t do (or I’ve not figured out how to) crumpets or scotch pancakes, how I like. Plus, you do have to watch the toast on the Aga, as it burns quickly and I just wanted a toaster to make life a little easier.  Which I must say this one has.

Not a great deal I can review on it, as it does what it’s meant to do, but I do think it’s extremely sleek looking, and fits into our kitchen decor perfectly.

I’m certainly one happy lady, and I know that once summer arrives, and Betty the Aga is turned off, I will be buying the Russell Hobbs Kettle to match.

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One thought on “New Toaster

  1. What a happy coincidence to get that offer at just the right time. We’re about to replace our kettle, may have to investigate the matching model to your toaster, it’s so stylish!


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