My 2019 Word

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Once again I’ve picked my word for the year.  You can find last years post about why I pick a word a year, and also my previous ones, here.

Its funny as I was struggling a bit choosing a word, and then all of a sudden two came to me … isn’t that always the way.  So after speaking with hubby, he really liked one of them, so he’s taken that and I’ve the other.


It came about as I was discussing this years plans and changes and that I need to make, and I just said a Balance was definitely needed in our life!  Yup, it was the lightbulb moment.

2018 was far too much about the community centre. That just can’t happen again. As much as I love it and I’m proud of it, it became our total focus last year, which actually meant too many other projects got put off.

My balance isn’t just about time at the Community centre. I need a Balance on what I eat and how I treat my health. I can’t take things for granted and I need to be so much more mindful of that.

A balance too between technology and connecting with a more simply life. So that means sitting down with fabrics and glue, and generally going back to the basics. Bliss.

There you have it. Heres to a more balanced 2019. If you’re wondering what my other word was, it was Light.

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One thought on “My 2019 Word

  1. What a good choice of word, will be interesting to see how you follow it in 2019! I’ve found that since retiring I’m struggling with a good ‘balance’ and can understand your comments about the community centre, once you’ve got involved in something it’s hard to say no to whatever you asked to help with. My husband has the same issue sometimes with his volunteer work at our local Country Park. Hopefully, this new ‘balance’ will mean more blog posts! Even though I follow you on Instagram it’s not quite the same as a blog post!


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