Neptune Dresser

One of the best things we’ve bought since our move to the little house, was our dresser from Neptune.

For us the whole love affair started while visiting, our then local store in Wimbledon.  You are looked after from the moment you enter, (I’ve never been offered a coffee while just browsing) and continues right through till they deliver and assemble, if needed.

We didn’t have a lot of space for storage, and one of my worries when downsizing was, where on earth would I put all my china? (I’m a complete hoarder when it comes to pretty plates). 

Luckily, we had a wall space where the old piano was, that would just about fit a dresser. 

Just about the perfect fit, don’t you think?

As you can see it just about fitted in the space I had planned for it, and with plenty of shelves, that you can move around, it was perfect for me.

It wouldn’t be dressed unless it has fairy lights
In all its glory

I’ll be sharing photos of it all dressed for Christmas soon, as well as a recent visit to the Canterbury store, which is now, our local one. 

6 thoughts on “Neptune Dresser

  1. I love Neptune. Everything in store looks so stylish. The ladies in the Canterbury store are so friendly and helpful. One day when I have my extension I will have a Neptune dresser and table until then I will just look at your photos and dream. I like their bags as well.xx


    • Thank you so much. Something my mother in law told me years and years ago, that I’ve always lived by is “Never Save Anything for Best”. So all my china is used (and broken sadly, hubby is a walking disaster lol) everyday, and like you, I love that its not all matching xx


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