I’ve always been one of those that changes with the seasons, be it clothing or decor, and right now I’m in the midst of putting away my summer clothes, and taking out my winter ones. In our home the throws and cushions become a bit chunkier and more autumnal in colour.  The fairy lights go on earlier in the day, and maybe more candles are lit together with a few other changes.

So let me show you a few ways, that I bring this cosy season into our home.

Firstly our mantle always gets an update, and this sign that I made a few years ago and framed, comes out for the season.


I usually change my floral arrangements too, more heathers come into the house rather than pretty flowers.IMG_1838We have a horse chestnut tree in our local church, so on our bear walks I’m forever collecting them, and once they’re washed and dried, I pile them into hurricane vases and use them to surround candles.

IMG_2097Each year, I try and find a little something to add to my collection.  I’d rather they were more autumn inspired than Halloween, and I was lucky to find this cute little mouse with a pumpkin in HomeSense, which is now turning into one of my favourite decor shops.IMG_2099Those elusive white pumpkins I’m seeing on everyones instagram feed are always on my list, but so far no luck, I’m thinking I may try growing them in the allotment for me next year, but you never know, if I find them before, you may see another autumn decor post on here.


2 thoughts on “Autumn

  1. Whenever we take Leo out for a walk he wants to collect conkers so we have loads of them in our house now, I hadn’t thought of adding them around candles, what a good idea! How nice to see you back in blogland, it seems like a long time ago since I last saw your name pop up!


  2. Our chestnut trees in the neighbourhood are just started to drop – I’m collecting up as I’ve heard they keep spiders at bay! Don’t like spiders at all. I really like your bunny by the lantern.


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