The Next Year

So, what do we have planned for our second year? Well lets face it we have plenty of external projects on the go to ever get bored, such as the Beach Hut, Allotment, Community Centre etc., but what about our home?

Firstly,  I’m still not 100% happy with our bedroom decor, but I’m not quite sure what it is, so I’ll be doing a little of my usual “faffing” and I can possibly see more painting in my future.  Also, we may need to look at new wardrobes and that may be going down the built in route.  The problem is the room is very small, so furniture needs to be on a smaller scale, and that usually means children size furniture! Not good for adult size clothes though.

The bathroom is almost there, again maybe a few painting projects and it needs some storage but on the whole its pretty much finished.

Its the garage that may take a little more time and effort.  It houses our utility room, and if I’m honest, it’s a bit of mess, so that needs our attention the most. Its become one of those dumping areas, and really needs to addressed. I think the problem is, that it’s out of sight, out of mind.

The garden too needs a little bit of TLC.  The bones of it are there, so to speak, it just needs some better planting ideas, and I’m thinking a pergola with maybe a vine growing over it.

The rest of the house is pretty much there with just the odd bit of tinkering, but then I think that’s half the fun of it. Its always going change and adapt to new ideas and trends that I see and fall in love with; even if they’re only passing ones.

I’m hoping my blog will grow more too, I’ll be adding maybe more about our days out, household tips, shops I love, baking & cookery and more crafting too; in general more about my life. So, let the next phase commence.  IMG_1057.JPG



4 thoughts on “The Next Year

  1. Such a beautiful view from your patio. I liked all the changes you made to your bedroom this year but now I’m really intrigued as how you will improve upon that.


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