Allotment Excitement

As if we don’t have enough projects on the go …. we’ve got ourselves an Allotment.

We’ve been on the waiting list for a while now, and we were so happy to be moved up to first.  Well, we were until we saw it.

IMG_0462 2IMG_0463 2IMG_0467

Yup, its going to need work thats for sure. Apparently it hasn’t been worked on for a few years, so our first job, and I’m not really sure why I say “our”, because of course I mean … Simon’s first job is to get strimming.

We’ve been searching all sorts of YouTube videos for best ways to prepare the ground, so of course, we’ve been making big plans.  This heatwave hasn’t helped much, but for us it just gives us time to cut back and see what we actually have to work with.

My plan is to do half vegetable and half cut flowers. Oh I’m so looking forward to it, and of course I’ll be taking you on the journey with me.




7 thoughts on “Allotment Excitement

  1. Once you’ve (Simon 😉) have cleared all the grass and dug it over it will look so much better. I’m sure once it has rained and the ground softens up it will make life a lot easier and I love the idea of half veggies and half flowers. I look forward to seeing updates as Simon gets to work 💕

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  2. Definitely use the heatwave as an excuse for researching what needs to be done. I’m sure that the ground is like concrete at the moment, a little English rain will help with that! Just clearing the weeds away will make it look a lot more manageable for you/Simon. Looking forward to seeing how it progresses.

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  3. I am looking forward to seeing the transformation of this allotment. Maybe you could ask the other users of the allotment what has been grown on your patch in the past, maybe they have photos. I would think it would be quite exciting to discover you have lots of spring bulbs!

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