“Your Home”, Magazine Shoot

Not only am I interiors obsessed, I’m also a total magazine junkie.  I love them all, house, fashion and even the trashy women magazines too, but I don’t think I’ve found an interiors magazine I’ve not bought. So you can’t imagine how excited I was when I got a message on Instagram from a journalist, asking if I’d be interested in showing our home in Your Home magazine.  Oh my gosh, I could have burst with joy … at first! Yup, you’ve read that right, at first.  Panic then set in but I did go ahead, so let me show you a few of the photos from the day.

I won’t lie, it was a long long day, and made more difficult with two rather inquisitive bears, but it was made so much easier by Natalie, the journalist and Darren the photographer.

Both came with props for the day, Natalie bought the most beautiful flowers and cushions with her, and Darren bought food.  I had actually baked some cup cakes for the day, but he bought some cake and also oranges … yup, you read that right, Oranges.  Apparently it looks better in a photograph if the fruit is all one colour.  I’ve since when looking through magazines, have noted that all photos in kitchens tend to include bowls of lemons or oranges! Who knew.

The magazine is now out, as its the August edition, and its so amazing to see how they’ve made our home look.  I’ll share with you next time some photos that didn’t make the edition. IMG_0724

12 thoughts on ““Your Home”, Magazine Shoot

  1. WOW being featured in a magazine. Your home is beautiful. Just a note, with the changes to you blog requesting certain accounts to log in with, I am having a love/hate relationship with this, so please know that even on the posts that I cannot get my comment on, I am reading. 🙂

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  2. I saw your home in the ‘Your Home’ mag, it was gorgeous. It’s the sort of home I would love to live in. You have given me so many ideas for my own home. I too have an aga which I love. Congratulations on a lovely home.

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    • Thank you so very very much. What a kind thing to say. I’m feeling a little sad, as we’ve had to turn Betty (our Aga) off for the summer. Our house is just too small, to have her on and in this heat. The dogs are really feeling it too. xx


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