Beach Hut

Sometimes thing are just meant to be.  We’ve had our name down on a waiting list for a beach hut on Minster Beach for a few years.  Then one day last September, we were walking the bears along the beach and we noticed a “For Sale” sign on a hut, it hadn’t been there the day before. So we quickly phoned the number on it, and 30 minutes later, we had a beach hut!IMG_8254


Real little house happiness

Now I’m very much a pastel girl, so the inside was very much a shock, but you know me, I love a challenge.

So I’ll take you on the decorating journey, but for now, I’ll leave with you on a few inside shots of how it looked.  Not dreadful, just not my taste.

Like I say, nothing too bad, but I am looking forward to putting our stamp on it.

But with this as a view, who looks inside.  IMG_5713

I’m itching to start, and I can’t wait to share it with you.

9 thoughts on “Beach Hut

  1. I love beach huts! There is a beach not too far from us which has rows and rows of them and I’m always slightly jealous of the people using them when we have a stroll along the promenade. How lucky you are to find one – can’t wait to see how you change it. I saw a tweet from James Martin the chef yesterday, showing an estate agency listing for a beach hut at Hengistbury Head – £300,000 – can you believe it????


  2. OH MY GOODNESS – that is one very amazing view. We have nothing like beach huts on our beaches, what a great find; bravo to you for not waiting about. Looking forward to the transformation – I am seeing “She Shed” styling …


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