Garden Design

Going from a rather large garden in our old home, to a much much smaller one, needed some planning.  One of my biggest worries is that the bears won’t have a lot of running space, but thats where long walks along the beach need to come in.

So let me show you first, how Simon designed it on sketch up in relation to the house.

33 sketch1

We were so lucky, and again, it was through finding a landscaper through Truster Trader, that we found someone who understood, just what I was after.  We spent time, making sure the slabs and the cobble stones we used were the right colour.  Here are some of the in process photos


(we’ve always left our names in any building work we’ve undertaken)

This was all done by the time we finally moved in last August, so I never really got time to play with planting.  So this year the fun begins.  I’ve still a lot of planning to do, and I think the first few years of a new garden are always a challenge, and a little bit of trial and error, what works, what doesn’t.  I also have to take into account the sea air, and the winds that we get living so exposed. So, wish me luck! Oh and by the way, that gorgeous grass, no longer looks like that with a certain two bears, so the thinking is now, change it to artificial grass!



One thought on “Garden Design

  1. That does look like a wonderful garden. The slabs & pavers match quite well, makes it flow quite nicely. I wish we had worked with an initial plan for our garden. The Bears do look quite content out there.

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