Bedroom Unveiled

I’m happy to say the bedroom painting is complete, as is all the faffing and primping.

I decided to paint over the wallpaper that was there, as it was a good solid foundation, but did use a wallpaper Primer.  My favourite primer of all, good old Zinsser.  Now I’ve used their primers in the past, but this was the first of a wallpaper kind. To say I’m impressed would be an understatement.


Once dry, I couldn’t wait to start.  It actually took 3 coats of Little Greene, Hicks Blue paint, to get the coverage I was happy with.


I thought the blue might be over powering, but goodness, its fabulous, and so far out of our comfort zone.  It actually makes the room feel bigger, again, something that I wasn’t expecting.

I’ll be back to share more images in later posts, but for now, to be honest, I’m just happy that my blog is back. I actually lost it for a few days. I could see the “behind the scenes” so to speak but just couldn’t see the actually blog.  Panic over, and blogging can resume again.




5 thoughts on “Bedroom Unveiled

  1. I was really interested to hear you say that the dark blue paint made the room look larger. I would love to do something different in our rooms but always thought that dark paint would make the space feel smaller? Your new bedroom looks stunning, you must be so pleased! 💕


    • I was always under the impression that dark walls would make the room feel smaller, but honestly, its the opposite. Maybe because all the other walls are light, but it feels so much calmer than our busy wallpaper xx


  2. Looks lovely, a great blend for both of you, some girly stuff, some manly stuff (lol). Cannot wait to see the rest of the room. I do like that blue. I am most interested in the ability to paint over wallpaper, we have one room that has been put off re-doing because it is entirely covered in wallpaper & the prospect of tearing down is beyond possible.


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