Easter Decor

I need to apologise to my little blog, while I’ve been playing around trying to change the look of it (its still a work in progress), I’ve actually failed blog anything. So, its time to get back into the saddle, so to speak.

So, first of all I hope you all had a lovely Easter, and before its to late, I’d like to share with you, my seasonal decor.


Each year I’ve slowly added to my collection, but by far on of my favourite items, is my little Easter tree. Its one I’ve had for ages, and when I say ages, its probably not far off 14 years old, and I believe I got it from a shop, that sadly has long since gone out of business.  Do you remember the shop called, The Pier?

Nowadays, Easter decorations are so much more widely available, but supermarkets are one of my all time favourite places to shop for inexpensive seasonal decor.

Faffing will continue on my blog, and I’m hoping that suddenly WordPress, will click for me, but in the mean time, I am determined to post more.



5 thoughts on “Easter Decor

  1. It’s very hard keeping up with everything isn’t it! Yes I definitely remember The Pier, I’m sure there was definitely one in Guildford when I was working there. Your little egg tee is gorgeous especially the little basket at the bottom for tasty treats.

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  2. Your home looks so pretty & inviting. I feel the spring fresh air breezing through your rooms. I really wish I could have fresh or live plants, but the fur girls destroy & there’s only so much high up shelf space (col).

    Like the look of the updated blog.


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