Snow Happy

I know a lot of people don’t like the white stuff, but I love it.  I’m always careful what I write about my love of it, as last year I posted a photo out of our window, sharing how happy I was about it on Facebook, and goodness me, all the negative comments that came back.  It always surprises me when folk do that, I mean why they need to rain on my parade is beyond me.  So over her on my little blog, I’m sharing MY love of it (if you hate it, I do understand its not everyones cup of tea, but please be kind and don’t leave moans on here).

So anyway, last weekend while watching the weather it said that the Beast from the East, would be hitting Kent hard during the week with snow.  Like most of these warnings, nothing really comes of it. Well, boy was I wrong.

From Monday it started, and we had snow the whole week.  Of course we took the opportunity to go out and get some photos; and let me share these with you know.

The bears absolutely loved it.  It was the first time they’d really seen proper snow and Molly was like a little spring lamb, jumping in and out of it, and sticking her head deep into the snow.

I’m in awe of the lovely place we’ve moved too and you often hear more negative press about it, than good, but the people of it, have the biggest hearts you’ll find.  First thing on the Monday, people were putting out messages, offering to do food shopping for the elderly or those unable to get out.  Our schools pride themselves on opening, and people were offering to pick up other kids from school and drop them off, or even keep them until the parents could come and get them.  Even today, when the snow has all gone, I’m still hearing of how people just went out and cleared paths from some people’s homes, so they were safe.  That’s a community, I’m proud off.


9 thoughts on “Snow Happy

  1. It looks so pretty but in all honesty I hate it, but then I hate Winter full stop (with the exception of Christmas of course). I am such a Summer girl, cant wait for the longer warmer days when I can open all my windows and sit outside with my book and a glass of wine.


  2. Your photos have captured the beauty & fun of snow. I agree it can look really pretty. I like how your community all pulled together during a difficult time. Yeah for little villages.


  3. Just look at that little frozen face! They do love to ‘snuffle’ around in it don’t they? Coco jumps around in it like a little arctic fox. I love the look of the snow, I love walking in it with that lovely squeak as you put your foot into thick fresh snow that no one else has walked in. I don’t like driving in it and will avoid that at all costs – and I am prone to hibernating until it has started to thaw. It’s a shame we are not more prepared to cope with it, but when it comes so infrequently I think it just takes everyone by surprise.


  4. I would say it all looks pretty perfect – I can’t believe why people take the effort of commenting just to be nasty…I really don’t get it!
    As much as it’s lovely I really don’t mind that cold wind having gone as it seriously was arctic.
    I’m definitely looking forward to Spring now.


  5. Snow makes everything look magical and brings the fun out of out of most people. I dont know why people feel the need to write nasty comments. Dont stop sharing your lovely posts just because of a few idiots xx


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