Year of Colour


Recently over on Instagram, Makelight shared a fabulous new tool that they have for showing you in colour what your year looked like.

yearofcolour-1518039361803This was mine.  I can see the fur of the bears in it, as well as Betty Blue, our beloved Aga, and the neutral colours of our home.

One thing for sure, is that this year, I do need more colour in my life.

Have you had a go? If it interests you, do pop over and see what your year looks like in colour

6 thoughts on “Year of Colour

  1. I did mine but hated the colours so didn’t post it, think I need more colour in my life too. Love that you are blogging again, you are in my faves so I can see from mine when you have posted and I don’t miss anything xx


  2. I don’t do Instagram so I wouldn’t have any colour patterns. I like your colours. I am sure if I did have an Instagram account it would show mostly from my garden, so lots of greens, pinks, some blue/purple & just a smig of yellow.


  3. It was an interesting tool, I’m not sure I fully agreed with mine but I found sound tabs where there was an option to play with the arrangement, size and position of the colours and after fiddling around I found one I was happy with!
    Have a happy weekend with Simon and the bears! x


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