Interior Inspiration

Just the other day, I had a lovely kind message on Instagram from an old friend, saying that she loves seeing how I’m decorating the little house, and asking how I get my inspiration, as she is going to be updating her own home this year.  We went back and forth with our messages, and it occurred to me, that it would make a good blog post, so here you are Jules, this one is for you.


I’m an Instagram junkie, I’ve made many friends and I love the peek into their lives and homes, that they share.  I have a few I follow that even if their style isn’t quiet my own, I appreciate what they’ve done.

If you’re on IG, you’ll see a little flag shape on the bottom right of their photo. If you click it, you’ll be able to save the photo to your collection for future reference.  Another good thing IG now does, is allow you to follow hashtags. So for instance, I love the modern farmhouse look, so type in #farmhousedecor and you’ll receive all those in your feed with that hashtag.


Yup, another obsession of mine.  I suggest you set up your own board, and just pin all things that catch your eye. Don’t overthink it, just keep pinning.  Then go back and look at all you’ve got. I bet you’re see what style you like and which direction you want to go.  I have boards for general decor, bedroom, kitchen, etc.  I often go back and see if they still inspire me.


Blogs are very much coming back into vogue. I know a fair few that are restarting their old blog, or starting a fresh with a new one. I follow blogs using Feedly, but also from time to time, pop over onto blog loving, and do a search for interior blogs, and love seeing something new.   With WordPress, you can also follow a blog via email, so never miss a post from one of your favourites.


I don’t think I’ve found an house magazine I don’t like. My favourites are Country Homes and Interiors & Ideal Home.  I scour them from front to back, and am often tearing out pages and pictures, to add to my inspiration board.  I also love seeing the adverts in some of these magazines, as again, it will take me to a store, and onto their blog for ideas.

There you have it, a few inspiration ideas, that you might like.


4 thoughts on “Interior Inspiration

  1. I am back to using Pinterest & I keep loosing hours in there! I think your natural talent accompanied by those sources of inspiration are what making your house a home.

    By the way, nice birthday cake!

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  2. I love Pinterest Sandra, have often lost a whole evening just browsing on there!! Your little house looks so gorgeous, totally welcoming and homey xx


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