For the love of Storage

Moving into a smaller home, has certainly made me think about storage in a different light.  Now trust me, nothing can beat decluttering but storage comes a very close second. So I thought I’d also use my little blog space to go through ideas that I’ve found which have worked for me, and also some ideas that you might like the look off.

First off, as you know, our home is, as the blog is called … little! but we do have a rather good size garage/workshop. So one of the first things we did is to put up a wall of shelving.

IMG_5006It’s a made to measure storage solution from Elfa

You’ll find a very useful planning tool on their site, which we used and this was the outcome. It comes with a complete breakdown of price.


The beauty is you can tailor make it to different rooms, or the needs that you have. We’ve added draws and shoe racks to ours, and its still evolving, so more will be added in time.

This shelving is nothing new to us, as we had it in our old home in our utility room

IMG_3982The only downside I can see, is needing a ladder for anything on the top shelf.

Storage and organisation ideas are certainly of interest to me, so I’ll be bringing you my ideas and also things I find in my travels, that you might like.

7 thoughts on “For the love of Storage

  1. Oh to be organised! It’s lovely when everything you own has ‘a home’ and there are so many wonderful options out there to choose from. I particularly like the look of the wire baskets, very useful.
    We’re contemplating making a room in the loft for ‘crafts/train sets!’ so I’m particularly interested at the moment in finding different types of storage solutions.

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    • The garage/workshop is certainly a challenge as its Simon’s hobby room if you like, and maybe not trains for him, but he loves making lego and working on miniatures for my dolls house, so I do understand the need to look for storage where you can store small bits too. I keep quite a bit of my larger crafting fabric and books on these shelving, so it certainly helps with the clutter you can end up with in your craft room


  2. I like organizing so this post of ideas is most fun & pleasing to read. I like those wire baskets for storage, everything is visible. We have been on the hunt for something that will work for storing our Christmas tree as the big red bag just doesn’t work. It’s such fun to wander the aisle in the storage container shop.

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