Bedroom Makeover … part 1

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My mission this month is to stop faffing, and get on with decorating our bedroom. Now when I say decorating, what I really mean, is painting a wall! … yup, you read that right, one wall. I’m not even planning on stripping off the old wallpaper, so what’s taking me so long? I have no idea.

I mean what’s the worst that can happen? I don’t like it! If that’s the case, I just change the wall colour.

So to get me motivated, I’m going to do a mood board, and I’ll share that with you in the next post. For now though, here is my colour palette.

IMG_7428 I’ll certainly be going with a Navy wall, as I’ve had the paint now since the beginning of September, but overall, I’m looking at Navy, White Grey, Blush and Copper.  What do you think?

8 thoughts on “Bedroom Makeover … part 1

  1. I love the idea of one dark wall & the pink will go perfectly with the grey & blue. I’d be worrying though that the darkness of the blue would make the room seem smaller?? Good luck, looking forward to seeing more photos & updates?

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    • I know what you mean about it being smaller. I’m keeping all the other walls white and I’ve a grey headboard and blanket box. My worry is that I’ll be painting over wallpaper that I quite like, but I just need a change really. xx


  2. I like your idea of a dramatic accent wall & all the colours you have chosen are a good blend of vibrant, calm, subtle & inviting. I am seeing copper show up in so many home accent pieces.


  3. Love this colour scheme – I’m really hooked on copper at the moment. When my daughter got married, the venue had one wall painted copper in the reception area and it looked fabulous, can’t wait to see how the room evolves.

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