Stands for One Little Word. I believe its the brain child of Ali Edwards although I know, others have a similar idea.   The idea is that you choose a word to see you through the year.  Something to guide you, or something to visualise when you need help. They say the word chooses you (that sounds deep, doesn’t it).

In the past, I’ve picked CHANGE, GROWTH and CREATE …. and they’ve all helped me in different ways.  This year, I was debating on picking the word Create again, as I don’t think I got the best out of it last year, but while it was a serious contender, my word for this year, just came to me.

I’ve picked BE … yup, that really is a little word, but boy is it going to be big.  So, I’ll be using my word in lots of ways, many of which I’ll share with you during the year, but for now, here’s a taster.  BE kind, BE healthy, BE happy, BE creative, BE forgiving, BE thoughtful, BEcome the person, I want to BE.


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      • Thank you Sandra. Yeah but you can ‘be creative’ as well a ‘be’ in so many other wonderful ways. Your little house is stunning. I must admit I’m slightly obsessed now with making journals, I’ve got quite a few on the go. My difficulty is juggling my time to get as much achieved as I want…i always seem to be playing catch up!
        We have a house now in Cornwall and before our son & family moved there as well we were only away for a couple of weeks at a time so I just took down what I thought I needed (never really worked as I always wanted something I knew was in Farnham!) but now we’re down there 80% of the time I’m fully equipping with essentials…& maybe a little bit more of things I need!

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  1. Hi Sandra this is so good. I like the idea of a word I hadn’t thought of doing that it’s such a good thing to focus on. You have got me wanting to do this. 😘😘

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  2. Sandra I like your 2018 word, Be & it goes so well with other words, especially like the blend of Be Kind, Be Healthy. It’s like paring a fine wine with some tasty nibbles.


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